International Casualty

The Faraday Casualty Treaty reinsurance team writes a worldwide book ex-North America. We have been a lead market for 30 years.

Over 50% of our business emanates from the UK and Ireland, but we are also strongly represented in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. Our portfolio splits between Motor, Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Other miscellaneous lines of casualty business are considered on a case-by-case basis. We will also consider large, bespoke and complex contracts, for example LPTs, run off contracts and quota shares.

Our consistent, long-term approach aims to build client relationships that transcend the cycle. We have many relationships that date back 15 years or more.

Underwriting strengths

Our empowered underwriters have over 50 years experience between them, with strong client and broker connections in London and

locally based broker affiliates. We conduct an extensive programme of visits to clients worldwide to develop, maintain and enhance our business partnerships. We consider this to be an essential part of our service.

Underwriting is centralised in London; hence, decisions can be made quickly, communication is excellent and response times are short.

Our claims capability is particularly well respected in the market. Our negotiators have many years experience and supporting clients in dealing with the complexities of casualty claims management. They regularly attend settlement meetings as the lead market and form an important and integral part of our underwriting operation.

The team also benefits from strong wordings and actuarial support.

Robin Badocha
Head of International Casualty
Richard Willoughby
Claims Manager
Jonathan Britt
Senior Claims Negotiator
Kevin Viggiano
Claims Negotiator